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 -A wonderful review of 2018 Global Tea Academy

HJC as leading company is reinventing a whole tea industry in China. Under the new trend of education, the Global tea fair will focus on the tea academy, further close communication is expected between domestic and overseas tea industries. It is a great opportunity for local companies to get to know more about tea culture, business, and history in other countries, while, a right time for qualified tea entities to enter China, given nowadays the huge potential of the Chinese market and its role in tea production.



December 13, 2018 (Frist day)

Theme: Cultural Perspectives on Enlarging Tea Consumption




Topic: Chayi and Sado: Invention and Tradition in Modern Chinese Tea Practice  

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Lawrence L C ZHANG 張樂翔   (Region: Hongkong)     

Barbara Dufrene 芭芭拉 杜福伦.png

Topic: Promote tea globally through education and well scheduled topical events

La Nouvelle Presse du Thé  

Barbara Dufrene   (Region: France)

Owen Terry 欧文 特里.jpg

Topic: The New Golden Age of Tea

International Tea Guild

Owen Terry   (Region: United Kingdom)

December 14, 2018  (Day 2)

Theme: The breakthrough of new marketing tool in tea





Alexis Kaae艾丽克西斯·凯伊.jpg

Topic:  How to turn ethical social responsible practices into a marketing tool.

---“Making a market for virtue in the tea industry”

Danish Tea Association

Alexis E. Kaae   (Region: Denmark)

Reno Verhoef 林贺.jpg

Topic: Our Teatopia: a completely natural tea world


Renco Verhoef   (Region: Holland)


Topic: Why is Teaics necessary to develop tea industry? How Teaics is used in developing tea industry?

International Society on Tea Science

International Teaics School in Jeju

Byunggun Park   (Region: South Korea)

December 15, 2018  (Day 3)

Theme: The fusion & innovation of customer’s preferences in leading tea markets





Sharyn Johnston 夏瑞尔 约翰斯通.png

Topic: Trends, Blends and Innovations in tea around the globe

Australian Tea Association

Sharyn Johnston   (Region: Australia)


Topic: Specialty tea in France:

(a) New drinking ways (b) Tea in gastronomy

(c) Brainstorm on opportunities for tea in consumer markets both as a luxury & commodity product.

Agence Pour La Valorisation des Produits Agricoles (AVPA)

Lauren Pascault   (Region: France)


Topic: Tea preferences in India & Which tea we make

Indian Tea Research Association

Jagjeet Singh Kandal   (Region: India)