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Thousands of tea species from miles away, one precious gathering with the cup of tea

Creating a new high exhibition area of 86000 square meters, the 2018 Shenzhen Autumn Global Tea Fair, which is held by Shenzhen Hua Ju Chen Industrial Group, has a comprehensive optimization on the basis of the Spring Global Tea Fair. Having more countries to get involved, it has more product categories and higher quality level of enterprise brands. One of the highlights in this tea fair is the “International Exhibition Area”. Exhibitors from 15 countries and regions,which cover the world's major tea production and consumption areas including Britain, France, Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Laos, Nepal, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan gather here together. Exhibits range from tea leaves to tea drinking utensils, from traditional tea leaves to modern tea drinks. In the international exhibition area of shenzhen autumn tea fair, not only can you enjoy the collectible art treasures brought by the Oriental traditional craftsman, but also appreciate the latest fashionable tea drinks and exotic tea culture brought by European and American countries. All kinds of tea figures gather here together to bring a wonderful and colorful world tea culture feast for you.

During this exhibition, international famous brands from the world's main tea consumption area, such as Newby, a British brand, will bring the latest and most popular tea products from Europe and America. In recent years, tea products from major tea producing regions such as Sri Lanka and India have cultivated a large number of loyal fans in China with their unique aroma and taste. This exhibition will further strengthen commercial cooperation between China and these areas.


With unique artistic modeling, long history and tradition, tea set is unique  in all exhibits, for having vivid image interpretation for tea culture. Therefore, it has become more and more popular in the vast majority of tea drinkers, tea culture enthusiasts and has entered into the world of collection in recent years . The  International Exhibition Area brings together a large number of tea brands with international and regional influence and pottery masters, such as Japanese brand Pu Sheng Tang that originated in the Taisho period in 1924, started with casting copper cover and iron pot,which is very fantastic. This brand’s designers are He Tian Meizhixing, Shang Tian Meiwen, royal kettle craftsman Wu Teng  Sanlang, etc. Its delicate silverware has many customers in Europe, America, Asia and other places.

Shen Xuanzhe, a Korean outstanding ceramic tea ware expert who is one of the representatives of Korean mountain and plain style, will bring the works to the international cultural and economic exchange stage of the tea fair.



In order to promote the deep exchange and cooperation between Chinese tea industry and the world tea market, Hua Ju Chen Industrial Group comprehensively carries out various activities, from the angles of digging industry demand deeply, improving Chinese tea industry practitioners’ management pattern, fitting in the development trends of the world tea industry. It offers a chance for the world and Chinese largest buyers, agents, tea companies, the teahouse operators, packaging industry practitioners, related media association to have a deeper exchange and communication. International activities during the Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair mainly include the Second International Tea Industry Marketing Forum, the Global Tea Industry Business School, the Eighth International Tripod Tea King Competition, the First International (Shenzhen) Tea Import and Export Procurement Exchange Meeting. 


“The Second International Tea Industry Marketing Forum” invited dignitaries at home and abroad, the international and domestic tea industry experts, tea enterprise leaders and media reporters. Everyone gathered to discuss that in the face of historical opportunity and challenge, the tea companies could use which ways to build global tea consumption market layout along the “One Belt, One Road”express; Chinese tea enterprises could develop national road in which strategies and other major issues.

International speaker :Monika Gorzan


Being awarded by The bahraini royal family to be the exclusive tea supplier to the royal family

Founded in the early 2000s, Passion Group's busines includes organizing tea activities, providing tea enterprise development consulting and tea trading. Passion Tea Gardens is active in the Middle East market with leading annual purchasing and sales amount in the Middle East.It’s an innovative tea garden company in commercial, cultural and consulting aspect.

International speaker: Jane O’Connor


Tea & Teaware(T2)Brand co-founder

T2 is the largest fashion tea chain store in Australia, which is popular and loved by many young people and office workers.Bought by Unilever in 2013 for $75 billion, T2 now has more than 60 stores in Australia and abroad, sells more than 9 million cups of tea a month and has three stores in London.

Over the years, Hua Ju Chen Indutial Group has actively established and consolidated cooperation with industry institutions and Chambers of commerce in Europe, the United States, Australia, southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and other countries and regions. During the Autumn Tea Expo in Shenzhen, 18 international guests and tea industry institutions will support and participate in the activities of global tea business school, and conduct a three-day tea industry seminar.

Barbara Dufren, former secretary general of the European commission for tea in France; Mr. Charles Liwei, president of the Italian tea culture association, Ms. Sharyn Johnston, president of the Australian tea association and many other international guests will share and discuss the world consumption trends, tea blending and tea product innovation and so on.



The International Tripod Tea King Competition has accumulated a broad user base in the industry in promoting the quality improvement of tea products and promoting tea quality standards over the years. It has extensive credibility in various industry evaluation organizations, science and technology institutes, tea enterprises and tea house customers. In this Global Tea Cup, international exhibitors will provide tea samples for expert identification, which plays a good role in unifying international tea and Chinese tea standards to guide the market promotion. The evaluation results will be made public during the exhibition, and visitors and professional buyers are welcome to visit the booth for on-site appreciation of a series of products qualities such as aroma, soup color and alcohol content.

In order to promote the global tea industry chain resources integration as soon as possible , to build an international tea industry trading platform with the core value of business, to expand the distribution channels for both domestic and international tea brands, Hua Ju Chen combine both sides demand, provide the international business matching service, making it convenient for buyers and exhibitors from all over the world and domestic tea companies in the competitive international market to establish a powerful brand influence and strategic cooperative partnership.

Based on inheriting the experience and achievements of the past exhibitions, this tea fair comprehensively optimizes the business of international exhibition invitation and investment attraction, selects exhibitors and institutions strictly, and makes unremitting efforts to further strengthen the industrial internationalization pattern and realizes the major strategic goal of coordinated innovation at home and abroad. The 2018 Shenzhen Autumn Tea Fair is about to start, wonderful things are happening, welcome your presence!

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