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Grand Total 
65 Participating Tea Plantation Regions
1,200 Company Participants
1,800 Quality Tea Samples Tested
49 Different Pesticide Residue Testing Standards


After 9 years of experience, Global Tea Cup has become China's most valued and industry-recognized professional tea competition.

In the past eight competitions, there have been more than 1,200 companies and more than 1,800 quality tea samples tested, including white tea, green tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, dark tea, black tea.

The competition uses up to 49 different pesticide residue testing standards. The teas are examined and evaluated by experts from different fields from all over the world. The competition uses Chinese national standards and international standards to scientifically and methodically examine each tea.

The final winner "Tea Stars" will be promoted through the professional channels. Participating in the Global Tea Cup is a specific way for the tea industry of China to test the quality of tea and expand the influence of a brand.


Advantages of being selected to Judge :

🌟  To raise your profile

🌟  To meet and communicate with fellow tea industry experts

🌟  To evaluate and recognize the top teas from various tea plantation regions of China


Advantages of entering the competition

🌟  To receive professional and fair evaluations and reviews of your tea

🌟  To receive endorsement and credibility of your products and brand

🌟  To be able to use professional media channels of HJC to increase industry visibility of your product

2020 Global Tea Fair China (Shenzhen) Autumn

The 10th Global Tea Cup

December 17-21, 2020

Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

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A wonderful Review of

The Previous Global Tea Cup

International Judges

Barbara Dufrene


Ex secretary-general of European Tea Committee

Writer for “La nouvelle presse du thé”

Rich in the experience of tea business consultancy

Monika Gorzna

Middle East - Bahrain - tea consuming country
Founder&CEO - Passion Group (Tea Garden)

Sharyn Johnston

Australia - tea consuming country
President - Australian Tea Association
Founder&CEO - Australian Tea Masters
Founder - first government accredited Tea Sommelier Course

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