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In The Global Tea Fair, there will be not only Chinese and international exhibitors, plus there will be various activities related to the tea industry.
Do you want to get close to the numbers of tea specialists?
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The ticket price will be $200, but the experience will be worth at least $2,000.
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2019 China Tea House Summit

There are a large number of teahouses in China. How to reach to the vast industry resource at once? 
2019 China Teahouse Industry Summit will be a rare opportunity, gathering 11 regions, which more than 50 cities and 300 teahouses owners, tea artists, tea industry training institutions from 11 regions will participate in the summit.
This once a year opportunity event is designed for tea businesses to find suppliers, distributors, industry experts. To learn the authenticity of tea art from the far east, and to exchange the innovative concepts of the globalized tea industry.

What are you hesitating about? Don’t miss the chance.

Event: 2019 China Tea House Summit
Time: December 15, 2019 14:30-17:00
Place: Chrysanthemum Hall, 5th Floor, Shenzhen International Convention, and Exhibition Center
Forum guests: representatives of teahouses in various provinces and cities across the country

The 9th "Tea and Decor" International Tea Spatial Design Competition

Tea Space Design is an emerging interior design trend currently sweeping to a global scale. The decorative art form combines with tea, tea utensils, and Zen or leisure architectural and interior design, it aims to bring the beauty of the tea ceremony into our daily life. As well as integrating of Japanese, Korean, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan artifacts into space. You will have the opportunity to contact the professionals as international interior and architecture designers, tea house owners, tea utensils, and tea props businesses. 

Event: The 9th "Tea and Architecture" International Tea Space Design Competition
Time: 12.13-17
Place: Hall 9, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

The 7th China Pu'er Tea (Warehousing) Industry Development Forum

Why is Pu'er tea so mysterious and expensive? Why can Pu'er tea become the top luxury symbol in the Chinese rich and famous circle? What value can scientific warehousing bring to Pu'er tea? Can Southeast Asian Pu'er tea collectors use China's Pu'er tea warehousing to enhance the value of personal collections?


The 7th China Pu'er Tea (Warehouse) Industry Development Forum will unveil the mystery of Pu'er tea. There will be about 260 guests, including relevant Pu’er producing region government and the association leaders, tea industry scientists and institution scholars, and well-known tea brand entrepreneurs and collectors, even fine art auction organizations. Looking for the industry resource? Or becoming a Pu'er advanced trainer? 

Event: The 7th China Pu'er Tea (Warehousing) Industry Development Forum
Form of activity: guest keynote speech and round table
Time: December 14, 2019, 14:00-17:00
Place: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

The 3rd International "Gong Fu Tea" Brewing Competition

The millennial global trend of vegetarianism, Yoga, Zen, meditation leads a large number of young people to start to enjoy the tea parties, the Kung Fu Tea Brewing Method is taking off, gradually replacing the Bohemian culture movement. Learning the 1000 years old ancient tea ceremony with the original Chinese masters is definitely a once lifetime experience hard to resist. 
Event: The 3rd International "Gong Fu Tea" Brewing Competition
Time: Preliminary: December 10, 2019 Place: Shenzhen Tea World
Final: December 13, 2019 Place: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centerr

In addition to these 4 events, there will be more than 88 top events in the Global Tea Fair waiting for you to discover and participate! Don't miss out on this grand feast, looking forward to seeing you soon!