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You're Invited to be a Speaker at Tea Expo!

Global Tea would love to invite you to participate as a guest speaker HJC Global Tea Fair, China.

We are looking for guest speakers with expertise in the following roles:

1. Over five years of business experience in the tea industry;

2. Leader or director of a Tea and Coffee Association or Board (depending on the scale of the group you lead);

3. Media publisher or editor with more than ten years of experience in this industry;

4. Team importer or management team of well-known global F&B companies;


If you think you match the profile of the ideal speaker we are looking for, please submit your resume and speech topic to


If you are selected as a guest speaker, we will pay the costs of your flight and hotel.

Upcoming Expo

2019 HJC Global Tea Fair Shenzhen Spring

2019 HJC Global Tea Fair Beijing

2019 HJC Global Tea Fair Shenzhen Autumn

Past Invitation

The 3rd China International Tea Expo

The 3rd China International Tea Expo is organized by the China ministry of Agriculture, executed by Hua Juchen Industry Group. Held once a year, this conference has attracted more than 1,542 tea distributors, 12,517 professional buyers, and 151,000 visitors from all over the world in 2018. The total amount of on-site transactions exceeded 103 million RMB with a potential of over 4.2 billion RMB. It’s not a surprise that 95% of the exhibitors and participants were satisfied with the 2nd China International Tea Expo!

As a guest speaker for Global Tea Discussion Panel, you will be able to engage with world-leading tea academic institutions, industry expert, import and export businesses, high class tea houses, as well as new original tea plantations from all over the world. The themes which will be discussed include “Innovation in the tea industry”, “Tea industrial technology”, “Tea industrial business mode innovation”, “2019-2020 tea industry trends”, “New marketing ideas for tea”, and “Brand power innovation in the tea industry”.

Even more importantly, you will have the opportunity to shape the future of the tea industry by taking part in this influential event, which can be described as:

1. The most high rank international tea trade show in China, with many on-topic conferences;

2. A cultural exchange opportunity to taste original tea from China and the rest of the world;

3. A large networking event for producers, sellers, and consumers;

The 3rd China International Tea Expo is organized in Hangzhou, one of the most poetic cities in China, the birthplace of Longjing Tea, besides it is the main venue of the 2018 G20 Summit.

We look forward to meeting you in Hangzhou in 2020 again!

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