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Unobstructed expansion on tea territory, HUAJUCHEN TEA EXPO dominates the Chinese tea trade fair by storm


From 18th to 22nd of May in 2018, the 2nd International Tea Expo is hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China in Hangzhou International Center (G20 Summit). As the sole organizer and operator, Huajuchen Tea Expo proves its unobstructed expansion on tea territory, its domination in Chinese tea trade fair by storm and soon a formidable force on the global stage, all demonstrated by attracting more than 150,000 visitors and professional buyers within five days.


The past two decades witnesses Huajuchen’s construction of a solid foundation, its resource accumulation within industry and all its breakthrough across the world. Now as the largest event&exhibition organizer and tea-trade platform, yearly, Huajuchen Tea Expo hosts 23 tea expos throughout China in 20 tea representative regions, allowing our exhibitors to target their selective and chosen market with one year’s participation. Among them, the 2018 China Global Tea Fair Autumn, is attached to the most influences as a mega tea expo, in Shenzhen who ranks as the top four economic city of China and next to hongkong and Macao.


Last year, executed by Huajuchen Tea Expo, the 2017 Global Tea Fair Autumn sold 3,800 international domestic booths, enjoying a turnover of 112 million USD on the spot and 250,000 attendees in participation. Its tea industrial coverage includes: tea, handcrafts, tea packaging, leisure lifestyles, and more cross-border cooperation while over 15 main tea producing/consuming countries were involved: South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, UK, USA, Canada and Australia, etc.


Huajuchen Tea Expo is committed to integrate its rich and loyal domestic and international industry resources, combining online purchase (TeaYork APP) with offline tea shopping (TeaYork Mall). It is built upon an one-stop professional platform offering accurate business matchmaking, culture exchanging and industry innovation services. Huajuchen aspires to develop as the most convenient promotion and docking platform for international companies to establish on the Chinese market in one year.

Reported by:America Specialty Tea Alliance

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