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Youth Generation: Tea connect Beijing university students and tea culture

The foundation of the country lies in civilization. Words and language are the first manifestations of civilization. The Chinese culture of friendships not only expressed with words and feeling but also tea can be replaced words show their harmonies.

Tea has thus become a representative of the spread of Chinese culture, especially in the context of the “Belt and Road.” On October 19th, TeaYork Hub and Huajuchen led the tea culture into Beijing universities, allowing overseas students to appreciate the unique charm of Chinese tea.


On the occasion of the upcoming 2018 Global Tea Fair China (Beijing) Autumn, the TeaYork Hub, and the Beijing Tea Expo cooperate with the Beijing Language and Culture University, the Beijing Lotus Language School together held the event "Belt and Road • Enjoy the Good Tea." With the advantage of Beijing University of Languages, expanding the global influence of tea culture and allows the strong national friendship to be integrated into the international student group through the tea. This event fully demonstrates the spirit of Chinese tea culture, meanwhile, also concentrates on the interaction and experience with international students who share the knowledge and enjoy brewing tea.


Reflections on Spring Water and Tea

Scoop cool water,

Watching the tea boil.

Offering a bowl of tea,

To the tea lover without reason.

---Bai, Juyi

(Tang. 772 ~ 846)

山泉煎茶有怀 白居易



A poem by Bai Juyi, "Reflections on Spring Water and Tea," opened the activities of the tea ceremony, which are filled with the artistic conception of tea friends. Through the form of knowledge lectures, the events will present the differences between the six significant teas in the way of pictures and on-site explanations. The origin story of tea drives the students' interest, from the craftsmanship, soup color, aroma, and taste. Enhance the learning effect from different angles and improve the enthusiasm for learning.


On the ceremony, teas are specially provided by the TeaYork Hub where many tea brands have been enter in this platform. After the teacher explained tea knowledge, students can experience the whole process of brewing tea. From the tea input amount, water temperature to time, follow the teacher's practical exercises and gradually master the tea making skills. Once there is a mistake, teachers will correct the situation on time and deepen the memory of the students present. Besides, the instructor divided the students on the spot into several groups to demonstrate and explain the etiquette of drinking tea and the use of common tea sets on different occasions (tea party, tea room), such as bowls, sample teacup, justice cup and so on.


The TeaYork Hub Platform and Huajuchen promoted the tea culture on the campus, providing an international, diversified and normalized display stage for high-quality tea products, allowing young and energetic students enjoy the tea culture and honestly feel from China craftsmanship tea.



TeaYork Hub, China's leading tea brand B2B e-commerce platform, gathering the tea industry resources of Huajuchen's 10 years tea Expo, based on "Internet + tea" and "supply chain management system" Upstream brand tea enterprise resources and downstream million tea shop members in order to create a new-category, small-volume, low-price "one-click" e-commerce procurement new model. This a unique retail experience store nationwide to help tea brands to achieve online and offline consistent sales and even invite dealers and buyers to join.


After the tea ceremony, TeaYork Hub also recorded #Brewing a cup of Chinese tea for the world# topic video for the on-site students, and painted a perfect ending for this tea party. In the future, TeaYork Hub will continue to lead the tea culture into the university and share the spirit of Chinese tea “Noval and Trending.”




Shenzhen TeaYork Hub Network Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Tea Culture Promotion Association

Shenzhen Huajuchen Industrial Co., Ltd.

Beijing Language and Culture University



Lotus School


The conference designated high-end tea:

Jindafu Ecological Tea Co., Ltd.


For more information about Global Tea Fair, event introduction and exhibition services, and event photos please Source: Shenzhen Huajuchen Industry Group

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