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Are You Qualified Enough

To Brew the Cup of Tea?
Follow The 6th Global Tea Brewer Final

From 40 Preliminary Contests of 19 Regionals
2 Million Online Audience


Global Tea Brewer is a skill driven competition for tea artisans and tea players, drew more than 150,000 people's attention in the last session.

Tea artists are evaluated from the aspects of grooming etiquette, tea table arranging, tea ceremony performance, tea soup quality, and tea knowledge. It also gives opportunities for the audience to meet tea artists and provides a way for them to understand and learn more about the tea culture.


It is a cultural activity focusing on the practice of tea ceremony. It aims to enhance the total experience by feeling and participation of tea drinkers, popularizing tea art knowledge, and promoting tea culture.



Of Being a Global Tea Brewer 

● To accept the assessment and guidance from receiving a professional review
● To improve the professionalism of tea art tea ceremony
● To reach related media exposure and raise your prestige 
● To interact with tea people, docking tea resources in the industry
● Popularize tea knowledge and promote tea culture

2020 Global Tea Fair China (Shenzhen) Autumn

The 10th Global Tea Cup

December 17-21, 2020

Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

*Due to the final participants have to be winners of preliminary contests, which most overseas tea players are unable to join in.

It's advisable to be a performer or an audience for foreign tea players.

Be a Performer


Be an Audience


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