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2023 Shenzhen Global
Teaware & Creative Week


The Tea Ware Design Week attracted more than 100 tea ware brands and craftsmen to participate, including inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, traditional craftsmen, emerging craftsmen and selected brands. The exhibits are rich in categories, covering Jingdezhen ceramics, Jun porcelain, Ru porcelain, Zisha, silverware, bronzeware, etc.

Ancient oriental art and contemporary art merge and collide in the 2023 Shenzhen global teaware and creative week. The timeless aesthetic art reaches people's hearts through the years, blooming a different charm in the present, allowing us to enter the world of teaware together.


Life is all in the teawares. By enjoying these exquisite teawares, you can always explore a lot of new fun. Tradition and modernity, classic and fashion, and teawares are both inheritance and brilliance.

The beauty of teawares is enhanced by hand-making. Hold a cup of tea with a rich aroma and slip it, appreciate the ingenuity of the teawares. You can find the tranquility and balance brought by the teawares.



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